Arena Panels

  • Material: continuous casting aluminum
  • fully countersunk connection screws
  • slightly profiled
  • passable for vehicles with axle load of up to 12 t
  • optimal weight distribution on sensitive underground
  • trip-proof and flush transitions with our panel ramps
Technical Details
Width 3.00 m
Height 0.048 m
Depth 2.15 m
Weight approx. 190 kg per panel
Universal ramp
Width 3.00 m
Depth (effective area) 0.46 m
Weight 61 kg
Initial ramp
Width 3.00 m
Depth (effective area) 0.24 m
Weight 39.5 kg
End ramp
Width 3.00 m
Depth (effective area) 0.23 m
Weight 37 kg

125 panels (838.50 m²) per semi-trailer (13.60 m)

Areas of use

Rent our Arena Panels for getting an excellent solution for temporary protection of sensitive grounds (e.g. ground protection for lawn in stadiums/arenas) from heavy traffic. Thanks to fully countersunk screws the Arena Panels are free from tripping hazards and thus absolutely pedestrian-friendly.

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