Cable Protector Defender Midi

  • Cable Protector Defender Midi
  • heavy-duty,non-slip all-round cable protector made of black, recyclable polyurethane with built-in carrying handles
  • yellow polyethylene lid with high warning effect and secure closure
  • patented, self-cleaning lid hinge
  • 5 channels 34 x 36 mm
  • Load bearing capacity approx. 5 t / 20 x 20 cm
  • fire resistance class B2 (DIN 4102), DEKRA-certified (DIN 31000, EN 61537)
  • resistant against oil, acid, solvents and petrol
  • reliable protection for cables and personnel for indoor and outdoor use
Technical Details

Width 0.870 m
Width with connector 0.940 m
Height 0.052 m
Depth 0.542 m
Weight 12.8 kg
Width channel 1 34 mm
Height channel 1 36 mm
Width channel 2 34 mm
Height channel 2 36 mm
Width channel 3 34 mm
Height channel 3 36 mm
Width channel 4 34 mm
Height channel 4 36 mm
Width channel 5 34 mm
Height channel 5 36 mm

CAD drawing

Cable Protector Defender Midi – CAD-Zeichnung (PDF)


Packaging Unit: max. 22 items per Euro skeleton container

Areas of use
Cable Protector Defender Midi – 5 Medium Channels

The Defender Midi cable protection system has been designed for maximum routing versatility and secure crossing. Featuring a low profile, 5 t per 20 x 20 cm load capacity, integrated connectors and handles the straight ramp, 45° curve and end ramps are easily linked to form a continuous cable guard while five 34 x 36 mm channels allow for individual sound, lighting and power line arrangement.

Five cable ducts of 34 x 36 mm allow the safe laying of individual sound, light and power cables. Defender Midi cable protectors are ideal for a multitude of usages such as heavy wheeled traffic, construction sites, warehouses, carnivals, fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, shopping malls, broadcasting and music events.

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