Case Manufacturing

Cases from the professional for the professional

All materials and fittings come from
renowned manufacturers.

Unlimited possibilities

Big festivals, concerts and sports events are our daily business. We know exactly the stress a good case has to withstand.

From this experience we have been manufacturing standard and customised cases in our own carpentry since 2003 for almost each kind of application – whether as single unit or in series. Our final products are robust, perfectly adjusted and absolutely resistant.

Case Manufacturing

We are happy to advise you on questions about material or the planning of a case, even the realisation of special requests, and we supply you with a suitable quotation according to your requirements.

Emergency Case

A “must-have” at every major event. In the Emergency Case you will find everything that is needed in an emergency – to ensure first aid measures and for preventive, defensive fire protection.

Guitar case

Carrying cases

Tool Case

With careful manual labour we manufacture for you: Racks, Flight Cases, special constructions for vehicles, carrying cases, wardrobe cases, drawer cases, trunk cases and combo cases, special transport cases for industry, and many more.

Wardrobe case

This case has been designed especially for the dressing room. A clothes rail is included. For those who love the fancy style, this case exists also with included mirror and lighting.



Refrigerator case

Coffee machine case

new for rent

Emergency Case



These customers work daily with our cases

B3 Veranstaltungs-Technik | Kraftklub | Warmbold Energie & Kälte GmbH | IAV GmbH | Semmel Concerts GmbH | Criss Cross Catering | Cindy aus Marzahn | Schroeder & Schömbs GmbH | Mawi Concert GmbH | MP medien | Parker Hannifin GmbH and many more