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JAPO Event PRO Ground Protection Covering System

Premium lawn protection system

JAPO Event Pro used as temporary turf protection in the stadium. Special ramps in red and grey complete the system.

Covering systems

The JAPO Event PRO ground protection covering system is the optimal protection for lawns at concerts and events, in stadiums, listed parks or for temporary sidewalks. Valuable lawn is perfectly protected.

JAPO Event PRO Ground Protection Covering System


The panels are firmly connected to each other by a patented click system and adapt flexibly to small unevenness in the floor – without tripping hazards. Learn more

Lockers &
valuables lockers

Mobile steel cabinets are suitable for festivals, city events, sports events, exhibitions and fairs. Rent the mobile lockers as special service for your visitors!

Mobile lockers

Visitors can safely lock valuables in the lockable lockers in the steel cage.

Learn more

Locker pallet

Optionally with box for Euros or as coin lock facility


e.g. for installation in entrance and waiting areas


A must for heavily frequented areas. Whether in shops, in gastronomy, in doctor’s offices, in customer toilets – there should be a way to disinfect hands.
Hygienestation Desinfektionsmittelspender

Disinfectant dispenser

High quality for catering, hospitals or at the workplace – for guest toilets, kitchens, customer toilets and much more. Learn more

Construction site service

Our construction site service provides you with everything that is important concerning construction sites
and their need in the areas safety, barriers and sanitary services.