• Remopla heavy-duty mats
  • Material: Recycling PVC
  • passable for vehicles with axle load of up to 12 t
  • framing seam
  • knobs on the surface
  • flame resistant (B1) according to DIN 4102-1
  • optionally with chock / approach ramp
Technical Details
Remopla heavy-duty mats
Width with slot 1.20 m
Height 0.043 m
Depth with slot 0.80 m
Weight 31 kg
Load capacity passable for vehicles with axle load of up to 12 t
Effective area
Width 1.15 m
Depth 0.75 m
Area 0.88 m²

Packaging Unit: max. 30 items on a Euro pallet

  • 12 t each max. 180 items (approx. 158 m²)
  • 40 t each max. 720 items (approx. 630 m²)
Areas of use

Remopla heavy-duty mats are suitable for a fast and safe stabilization of paths, access roads and places. Remopla is robust, very resilient and thus ideal for the use on meadows, gravel and cobblestone. Thanks to the framing seam the Remopla can be fast laid. The seam also provides perfect grip of the Remopla Panels. Knobs on the surface of the Remopla Panels guarantee slip resistance. Rent Remopla as floor covering of Open-Air events, as event floor, hall floor or industrial floor with a high load.

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