• versatile and universally applicable
  • can be combined with security gates
  • Material: galvanised steel pipe
  • fast and flexible barrier
Technical Details

Width 2.50 m
Height 1.10 m
Depth 0.00 m
Weight 18 kg

Areas of use
Universal barrier

Barriers without a foot are perfect for a quick and flexible barrier and can be used in a variety of ways. For events with access control, the barriers can be combined with entry locks to form a people guidance system.

In contrast to the Mannheimer grid, this model can be fitted with a flat foot or a sloping foot. Equipped with the appropriate foot, the transportable barrier can be used for short-term barriers.

An area can be secured quickly by securely connecting the individual grates, and the fastening system makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to lever out the individual barriers. The fence elements are stable and ensure a high level of security.

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