mobile lockers

  • mobile locker pallet
  • also possible with integrated USB charging units
  • Connections for all popular smartphones and tablets
  • also suitable for digital cameras or Bluetooth headphones
  • with box for 1 or 2 € or as coin lock facility
  • Delivery with master key for emergency opening in case of loss of key
  • 40 lockers per pallet; if requested also available with 30 lockers
  • wider boxes are suitable for stowing away motorcycle helmets
Technical Details
Locker pallet
Width 1.25 m
Height 2.15 m
Depth 1.05 m
Weight 40 lockers 345 kg
Weight 30 lockers 315 kg
Locker – 40 lockers (20 lockers on each side)
Width 0.30 m
Height 0.35 m
Depth 0.39 m
Locker – 30 lockers (15 lockers on each side)
Width 0.40 m
Height 0.35 m
Depth 0.39 m

in a steel cage

H 2,25 x B 1,30 x T 1,20
weight 40s / 30s with cashbox 508 kg
weight 40s / 30s without cashbox 490.5 kg

Areas of use
Mobile lockers

Visitors can lock their valuables and clothing in the mobile lockers. The event lockers are delivered on a mobile locker pallet. The mobile lockers are suitable for festivals, city events, sports events, exhibitions and fairs. Rent the mobile lockers as special service for your visitors! Also available with integrated USB charging stations.

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