Mannheim Barrier heavy, V-Stand

  • Mannheim barrier heavy with V-Stand
  • connectable
  • Material: galvanised steel pipe
  • simple barrier without tread
Technical Details
Width 2.40 m
Height 1.10 m
Depth 0.45 m
Weight 17 kg
CAD drawing

Mannheim Barrier V-Stand –  CAD Drawing(PDF)


Per steel pallet: max. 50 items
Per semi-truck: max. 500 items

Steel pallet
Width 3.00 m
Height 1.15 m
Depth 2.40 m
Weight (packed) 950 kg
Areas of use

Mannheim Barriers (Demonstration Fence, Crowd Fence, Mannesmann Barrier) are suitable for short-term boundaries and barriers. The connectable barriers are often used at sport events such as cycle races or city runs, but also for boundaries of areas worth protecting, such as catering, merchandise or sanitary areas. Thanks to its staggered feet (V-Stand) the Mannesmann Barrier can be transported in a space-saving way.


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