Pagoda tent

  • Pagoda tents in different sizes
  • Anchoring with ground pegs
Technical Details
Pagoda tent 3 x 3 m
Area 9 m²
Side height 2.20 m
Ridge height 3.94 m
Space required 3 x 3 m
Pagoda tent 4 x 4 m
Area 16 m²
Side height 2.50 m
Ridge height 5.34 m
Space required 4 x 4 m
Pagoda tent 5 x 5 m
Area 25 m²
Side height 2.20 m
Ridge height 5.26 m
Space required 5 x 5 m

Pagoda tent 10 x 10 m
Area 100 m²
Side height 3.00 m
Ridge height 7.20 m
Space required 10 x 10 m
  • Floor: Cassette flooring, wooden flooring with steel or squared timber substructure
  • fixed side parts of glass or ABS plastic (for tents equal or wider than 5 m)
  • Entrance door / exit door
  • Heating
  • Interior decoration: Roof lining, side and post covering
Areas of use

The Pagoda Tent with its characteristic pitched roof provides fixed roofing for your event in a high-quality appearance. The pagodas are flexibly applicable and can be combined with other tents and pagodas – whatever length and shape is required. The pagodas are available in different sizes and can – depending on the underground – be set up with or without wooden flooring. Rent the pagodas for your company event, public events, festivals, your wedding or your garden party. In our rental shop you can find the appropriate interior decoration for you: marquee sets, upholstered chairs, tables, bar tables etc.