Marquee set / beer tent set

  • Marquee set, beer table set
  • Set consisting of 1 folding beer table and 2 folding beer benches
  • Colour: clear varnished
  • Colour frame: green
Technical Details
Width 2.20 m
Height 0.76 m
Depth 0.50 m
Weight 20 kg
Width 2.20 m
Height 0.47 m
Depth 0.25 m
Weight 12 kg

in stackable steel box

Box for 10 items
Width 2.30 m
Height 0.94 m
Depth 1.15 m
Weight (packed) 535 kg
Box 15
Width 2.30 m
Height 1.30 m
Depth 1.15 m
Weight (packed) 765 kg
Areas of use

Hardly any city or club event can do without a marquee set (=Beer tent set). No wonder, as it provides space-saving and cost-effective seating. Up to 8 people can be seated at a marquee set. Rent the marquee sets for city events, club events, company events, weddings and many other indoor and outdoor events. We have more than 600 marquee sets for rent. You can also rent the matching covers and table cloth from us.