WC Container XXL

Our clients often need many toilets on a small space. Thus, we have developed a real space-saving, flexible and fast system. With an optimal transport load, 32 toilets can be provided with only one transport. With this XXL Container we have considered everything in a small space. Each of the 16 toilets is equipped with a small sink, soap dispenser and mirror. Especially during big events, the floor plan allows separate entries for ladies and gents.

Technical Details
Width 5.00 m
Width (transport) 2.53 m
Height 2.85 m
Depth 6.15 m
Weight 4,500 kg
Electric power 400 V/ 32 A
Fresh water 3/4″ GEKA coupling
Waste water 2x HT-pipe NW 100
  • 16 toilets and sinks
  • 2 paper towel dispensers
  • direct connection to duct system

Note – specific equipment in individual offer. Subject to technical modifications.

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