Clothes rail with hangers

  • Clothes rail with hangers
  • Material: frame chromed
  • on 4 wheels, 2 of them can be braked
  • height-adjustable
  • each side can be extended by a further 0.38 m
  • including 30 coat hangers PVC, black
Technical Details
Min. Width 1.44 m
max. Width 2.21 m
Min. Height 1.50 m
max. Height 2.00 m
Depth 0.55 m
Weight 9 kg

Clothes rail dismantled, max. 6 items per case

Width 0.62 m
Height 1.67 m
Depth 0.90 m
Weight (packed) 125 kg

Coat hangers, max. 200 items per case

Width 1.20 m
Height 0.69 m
Depth 0.60 m
Weight (packed) 90 kg
Areas of use

Rent the clothes rail with 30 hangers for your artist’s dressing room, your backstage area or your fashion event. The clothes rail is mobile on 4 wheels and can be adjusted in height. If requested, you can also get cloakroom tickets of paper.

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