Pipe & Drape

  • Pipe & Drape Curtain System
  • Drape colours: Bordeaux, silver, black, white (further colours on request)
  • Material telescope pole: aluminum
  • Material drape: Polysatin
  • Drape flame resistant (B1) according to DIN 4102-1
  • Transport in bags or case
Technical Details

Polysatin Curtain, B1
Width 3.00 m
Height 3.00 m / 5.00m
Width 0.95 m – 1.50 m
Width 1.55 m – 2.45 m
width 1.85 m – 3.00 m
Base plate
Width 0.45 m / 0.60 m
Depth 0.45 m / 0.60 m
Weight 7.5 kg / 28.0 kg
Height 2.15 m – 3.65 m / 5.15 m

Areas of use

With Pipe & Drape you rent a mobile curtain, which can be used on your event as mobile partition, privacy screen, screen made of cloth, mobile stage background or high-class stage backdrop. The Pipe & Drape System is suitable for covering the backstage area, for equipping the cloakrooms or dressing rooms, or the VIP area. It can be fast and easily set up with telescope poles and curtain, which are variably adjustable in height and width.