Security gate Mannheimer barrier

  • Steckschleuse
  • Security gate
  • Material: galvanized steel
  • Possible passage: ca. 800 people per hour at normal checks
  • Consists of base part, middle part and handrail
Technical Details
Widefirst element 0.70 m
Width peradditional lock 1.40 m
Width passage 0.60 m
Height 1.08 m
Depth per gate 2.23 m
Depth passage 2.00 m
Weight 66 kg
CAD drawing

Mannheimer Barrier inlet lock – CAD drawing (PDF)


in stackable steel barille, 3-4 items per barille

Areas of use
Barrier system for secure access controls at events

Security gates guarantee a regulated and safe visitor admission at concerts, festivals and sporting events and can be easily and safely connected to Mannheim gates. For normal checks, about 800 people can pass the gate per hour. For wheelchair users we recommend the appropriate wheelchair lock.

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