WC Containers Ladies & Gents

What is provided on about 15 m² in this container is almost a miracle. Due to its perfect room partitioning, it can be used by 8 people at the same time. The water-saving fittings help you save both costs and the environment. The concealed water pipes prevent later damage and facilitate the cleaning to a large degree.

Technical Details
Width 6.06 m
Height 2.80 m
Depth 2.44 m
Fresh water 3/4″ GEKA coupling
Waste water HT-Pipe NW 100
  • Ladies: 3 toilets
  • Gents: 1 toilets and 4 urinals
  • Paper towel and soap dispensers
  • 2 sinks each
  • Heating 2 kW
  • optionally: waste water tank 7-10 m3, service water tank, sewage lifting unit

Note – specific equipment in individual offer. Subject to technical modifications.

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