Pallet furniture lounge set

  • Pallet furniture with comfortable seat cushions
  • Pallet set consisting of pallet bench (2 seats) with
    backrest and pallet table with safety glass plate (8 mm)
  • Material: Wood Euro pallets
  • Colour: white glazed
  • Covers: cushion anthracite weather resistant
Technical Details
bench 2-seater
Width 1.20 m
Height 0.91 m
Depth 0.80 m
Weight 51 kg
Width 1.20 m
Height 0.30 m
Depth 0.47 m
Weight 31 kg

on Euro pallet

Areas of use
Pallet furniture turns every location into something special

Pallet furniture is timeless and at the same time robust and suitable for a wide range of applications on every event. With large seating and sleeping surface, the lounge set shows nonchalance and turns every location into something special. Rent our pallet furniture for lounge, seating & bar areas, festivals, fairs and events of every kind and size.