Radio DP3441

  • digital handheld transceiver DP3441
  • Frequency range: VHF 136-174 MHz; UHF 403-527 MHz
  • Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion-battery
  • GPS enabled
  • IP67
  • compact and robust
Technical Details
with Li-Ion battery
Width 0.063 m
Height 0.100 m
Depth 0.034 m
Weight 254 g
Battery life at 5/5/90 profile, digital mode approx. 12 h
Battery life at 5/5/90 profile, analog mode approx. 8 h


  • Handheld microphone with speakers with swivel clip and 3.5 mm earphone jack
  • TS2 concealed earphones
  • InEar + acoustic tube with clip
  • 6-way multi charger, 230 V
  • additional battery Li-Ion, 1700mAh
  • Carry Case, black nylon incl. 3-Zoll flexi belt buckle
Areas of use

Motorola’s exceptionally compact and robust DP3441 digital handheld radio is the perfect solution for mobile staff. This small but powerful radio enables you to stay connected with your team, and it is no burden thanks to its low weight. It has all advantages of the latest digital technology – excellent audio quality, impressive clarity, outstanding coverage, long battery life and many more.

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