Mobile fence base

  • Mobile fence base, site fence base
  • Windproof erection
  • safe barrier
  • free-standing system
  • Incl. Recyclable feet, concrete feet
Technical Details
Mobile fence base
Height 1.80 m
Depth 0.85 m
Weight 15 kg
Recyclable foot
Weight 26 kg
Concrete stand
Weight 37 kg
Areas of use
Rent the mobile fence base for site fences equipped with tarpaulins. Once the site fences are equipped with tarpaulins or nets the wind load increases significantly. There is not always the possibility of bracing. By using the mobile fence base you have the possibility to attach ballast. So, fixing to the ground is not necessary anymore. Thus, a windproof erection of mobile fences without fixing them to the ground is possible.

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