Hamburg Barrier 2.30 m foldable

  • Hamburg barrier 2.30 m foldable
  • connectable
  • Material: galvanised steel pipe
Technical Details
Width 2,28 m
Height 1.09 m
Depth (open) 1.01 m
Weight 54 kg
CAD drawing

Hamburg barrier 2,30 m foldable – CAD-Zeichnung (PDF)


in steel barille, 7 items per barille

Width 2.30 m
Height 0,88 m
Depth 1.42 m
Weight 385 kg
Areas of use

The Hamburg Barriers (= police barrier, Hamburg Reiter) are optimally suitable for the quick use at events with narrow time slot for setting up, set-changing or dismantling. Among its various areas of use are included barriers for stalls, boundaries at the entrance area, extension of the stage pit, barrier for mixing console area etc.

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