• Walkway tent
  • Anchoring with ground pegs
Technical Details
Width 3.00 m
Side height 2.40 m
Ridge height 3.00 m
Truss spacing 3.00 m
Min. Length 3.00 m
max. Length Endless


  • Floor: Cassette flooring, wooden flooring with steel or squared timber substructure
  • Entrance door / exit door
  • Heating
  • Interior decoration: Roof lining, side and post covering
Areas of use

The walkway tent connects tents and provides roofed passages which protect from strong solar radiation, rain and snow. They are especially suitable as attractive entrance or canopy. Rent the walkway tent for your company event, wedding or business event. The walkway tent can be extended by steps of 3 metres and be set up with or without wooden flooring – depending on the ground.

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