Urinal stand

Do you want to reduce long queues at big events? Or prevent illegal urinating e.g. in parks and recreation areas? The urinal stand provides a real alternative to “wild urinating” and thus contributes actively to environmental protection! On an area of only 1.3 m², depending on the version, three to four males can simultaneously do their business. The integrated tank enables about 1,000 uses, and projecting separating walls create sufficient privacy.

Technical Details
Width 1.15 m
Height 2.06 m
Depth 1.15 m
Weight 85 kg
Waste water tank 450 l
  • 3 or 4 urinals (depending on availability)
  • Possible anchoring to the floor
  • Special water seals
  • robust and non-slip floor
  • Projecting separating walls
  • Transportable with forklift
  • optionally: direct connection to duct system possible

Note – specific equipment in individual offer. Subject to technical modifications.

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